Whiskey Ad

A little tongue in cheek video I threw together shortly after I bought my GH5. Not much to it but love the beautiful simplicity of natural light through liquid. The liquid in question is of course not really whiskey, but water and soy sauce.


Cocktail Week

Played around with a new LED I picked up for some different lighting set ups on this one. Normally for these kinds of projects worrying about lighting too much can just slow you down, however the bar area was exceptionally dark. Really pushed the GH5 to the limit in terms of acceptable noise. Maxed out at ISO 6400 I believe. The high frame rate stuff didn’t help matters with compression artifacts. Despite that, I was really digging the golden hues given off by both the lights (my own and the house lights which were mainly old tungsten bulbs) and the brass bar-top.


World Nutella Day

Ruby’s loves all things Nutella so naturally they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate World Nutella Day with a full compliment of Nutella related dishes. Featured in the promo are the three main items that were on special that day.

Recently picked up a new cage for my camera so I decided to forego my gimbal for this video. Of course I wasn’t quite able to attain the same smooth motions as some of my other stuff, but the extra control over composition and framing made up for it I think. Plus the internal stabilization in the GH5, coupled with the fact that I shot a lot of the clips at a high frame rate, negated the stability lost without the gimbal.